Mr. Itazura and I have gotten back into bento lately and have been needing/ wanting some new supplies. We’ve made several purchases of things on Ebay, but we are always looking for ways to support our community by shopping local. After some whining and complaining (mostly to myself) that I’m sure there’s no shops around here that sell bento supplies like baran (divider sheets) and food punches, I got on the stick and hit up my best friend. Google. Continue reading

Mustard Rye

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Mr. and I were in Lexington visiting my in-laws. While we were there, we went to a fantastic deli called Giacomo’s which serves food such as one would expect in a New York deli. They go through the effort to ship in quite a few products from NY- cheesecake, pastrami, rye, sour pickles, bagels- all from familiar names like Carnegie Deli and H&H (everything you have heard about H&H is true, by the way… they are the bagel holy grail.) I LOVE a good pastrami on rye, there’s something so simple yet so fantastic about it- I could not pass it up! I have to say, I was not disappointed and since then have mulled over trying my hand at rye but I’ve been a bit intimidated. I have heard horror stories… heavy, dry, crumbly, failure to rise, experienced yeast bakers only (Did I mention I baked my first loaf of yeast bread less than two months ago? No? Well, now you know my dirty secret- I’m a yeast noob.) This was going to go badly, I just knew it.  Fortunately, nothing was farther from the truth. Continue reading

Hello and welcome!

The first post is always the most difficult, awkward thing about blogging in my opinion. There’s just something strange and a little intimidating about starting things off and saying hello to the world. Continue reading