Hello and welcome!

The first post is always the most difficult, awkward thing about blogging in my opinion. There’s just something strange and a little intimidating about starting things off and saying hello to the world. Anyhow, that aside, welcome to Flamingo Bread! After much encouragement and positive response from friends and family for my cooking and baking, I have decided to launch a food blog with my husband. As time goes on, you will likely find that most of the posts will be authored by yours truly with occasional posts by Mr. Itazura himself.

A few notes about this blog:

  • All flours used are King Arthur Flour unless otherwise stated. I receive no kickback for this, I just love the product, the company and the people. I love that they are 100% employee owned, the fact they only purchase American grown wheat so US farmers receive desperately needed money and I love that they are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • All flour, unless otherwise stated, is unbleached.
  • The yeast I use, unless otherwise noted, is SAF instant yeast. Please note that this is not the same thing as rapid rise yeast.
  • We try to eat organically when possible, so nearly all ingredients we use will be organic. We also use corn syrup as infrequently as possible and we never use artificial sweeteners such as splenda, truvia or sweet and low.
  • I do not own a bread machine so unfortunately I am unable to advise if certain recipes will work in a bread machine or not.
  • All kneading, unless stated otherwise, is done by my Kitchen Aid, I just find that, for me, the gluten develops better than hand kneading, resulting in a higher rise. This also fits better with my busy schedule and very limited counter space.
  • All of my recipes by weight, with very little exception. When recipes indicate volume for flour, stir the flour to fluff it up then, using a spoon or scoop, shake it lightly into the measuring cup, overfilling it. Take a straight edge such as the back of a knife or spoon handle and draw it across the top of the measuring cup, levelling it off. This results in a cup of flour that is lighter than one that it produced when using the old scoop and sweep method (coincidentally, your flour will go farther as well!)
  • The abbreviation I use for Tablespoon is T, for teaspoon it is t.
  • When multiple options are given for a particular ingredient (for example: 2 T oil or butter) the first ingredient is preferred and what I typically use.
  • All recipes calling for whole wheat flour use standard whole wheat flour unless white whole wheat flour is indicated.
  • Unless otherwise stated, canola is the oil of choice for baking, olive oil is the oil of choice for cooking.
  • All ingredients in baking are room temperature unless indicated.

If you encounter anything you have a question about, please feel free to ask and again, welcome!


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