Ok.. Ok…

I know… it’s been a while. But will you forgive me if I give you two things? Maybe? YAY!

Ok, Thing One is—– The Most Disgusting Thing I’ve Ever Seen (aka Do People REALLY Eat This?!)

Those, ladies and gents are Fried Deviled Eggs. Just typing that makes my stomach flip and quease. *shudder* I like Deviled Eggs. I like fried food. The only way those two should be joined is at a summer picnic that involves fried chicken and regular old deviled eggs.  I hope to God that this is just one of those ‘I wonder if THIS will work?!’ situations because no human should ever consume something so fat and grease laden.

Thing Two is a fantastic food blog that I just discovered for food snobs like myself and the Mr. but do not have the necessary cash flow to be said food snob. Head over to BrokeAss Gourmet to get some fantastic recipes, ideas and wine tips, all for under $20 a recipe.

As anyone knows, the key to being a food snob (or, well, a cook of any kind that would like to eat more than just a meal from a box every day) requires a stocked pantry. BA G has a very basic starter pantry to help you on the way to cooking better and healthier and it’s just $50 bucks to stock it. Organically. Does it get any better? They call it The $50 Pantry and I highly recommend keeping everything they have on that list in your pantry or fridge.*

The first thing I will be making from their site is Balsamic Fig Jam. This will then be promptly applied to a Prosciutto and Swiss sandwich that will find it’s way into our Calphalon grill pan that is one of our most- used wedding presents (thanks Gam!) from three years ago (the only thing used more, in fact is our glasses! The Mr. can really go to town in that pan, he loves it as much as I do my giant wok!) and under the press before finding it’s way in my mouth. Salty, sweet melty goodness.

*As a side note, if you are allergic to peanut butter like me, Sunbutter is a great substitute and comes in crunchy or creamy, organic and not and is never processed in a facility that processes peanuts or tree nuts so there is no chance of cross-contamination.

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