Brownies come in a box… right?

Around mid to late December my wife began perusing the King Arthur Flour website pretty heavily on our LN40B630 using the PS3 web browser.  I swear to you that over a period of about a month she viewed every page on that site.  Pages upon pages of kitchen gadgets, ingredients, decorations, baking cups, silicone sheets, comments and, of course, recipes.  I don’t know if it was the recipes that sounded just too good to skip out on, the gadgets that just looked so very useful, all the cute decorative baking embellishments or a combination of everything on the site but something clicked- the Mrs. picked up baking again after an extended hiatus.  

She had baked a ton before (mostly cakes and a good portion of it for profit) but she had taken a loooooooooong break.  Making cakes became too much like work and too little like fun and so she decided that she needed to stop before something she loved became something that she loathed.  However, after a few weeks on the inspirational KAF website, the fire was BACK baby!  This resulted in many, many delicious breads including the best honey oat bread on the planet that is even made with local honey!  Obviously the sky was the limit at this point so when we heard that KAF was having an instruction class in January in a town only about four hours away it was clear that we had to attend.  She would learn some baking tips and recipes (such as sweet breads) and I would get to eat them.  This was certainly a win, win… win situation we had on our hands here!  We scheduled the day off at work well in advance and awaited the day with bated breath.  

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