Mustard Rye

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Mr. and I were in Lexington visiting my in-laws. While we were there, we went to a fantastic deli called Giacomo’s which serves food such as one would expect in a New York deli. They go through the effort to ship in quite a few products from NY- cheesecake, pastrami, rye, sour pickles, bagels- all from familiar names like Carnegie Deli and H&H (everything you have heard about H&H is true, by the way… they are the bagel holy grail.) I LOVE a good pastrami on rye, there’s something so simple yet so fantastic about it- I could not pass it up! I have to say, I was not disappointed and since then have mulled over trying my hand at rye but I’ve been a bit intimidated. I have heard horror stories… heavy, dry, crumbly, failure to rise, experienced yeast bakers only (Did I mention I baked my first loaf of yeast bread less than two months ago? No? Well, now you know my dirty secret- I’m a yeast noob.) This was going to go badly, I just knew it.  Fortunately, nothing was farther from the truth. Continue reading