Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas, readers! I hope that you have a peaceful, happy day with your loved ones be they friends, family or both.


I was given the biggest compliment today! Everyone knows you can’t mess with the husband’s grandmother’s cooking because it’s always going to be his favorite- no matter what. I made scratch turkey gravy for Thanksgiving and people devoured it- I mean scraped the bowl clean. That’s compliment enough in itself HOWEVER! My husband’s grandmother stopped by my office today and while she was there she asked how I made my gravy. I told her, then asked why- she said she liked it, that it was really good and she wants to make hers that way! HOOOLLLYY CRAP!!!!

My husband’s grandmother liked my gravy so much she wants to make hers that way- I don’t think there’s much of a better cooks compliment than that. *happy dance*

Chicken Enchilada Soup

WOW It’s been a while! It’s been a crazy few months filled with things like career changes for both my husband and myself as well as a move to a different state. All of that left no time for much of anything- let along blogging! With the initial chaos subsiding somewhat I wanted to share with you a new recipe! It’s delicious, simple and comes together very quickly.

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Completely cool blog!

Life has been, and will be for the foreseeable future, C.R.A.Z.Y. beyond CRAZY!!! More info forthcoming (assuming we have a minute or three to stop and throw together a blog post!) but for now, check out They Draw and Cook. It’s an ever- expanding collection of recipes that are drawn or rendered  by artists that are NOT starving- they can cook! If the recipes are any indication, fabulously too- Asian Cabbage Salad, Raspberry Bars and Pan-Fried Fish with Lemon Caper Sauce are just a few recipes on their blog. go check it out!

Life In A Bento

bento by *Threshie on deviantART

Daily Dose of Cute

Is this not the cutest little guy ever? I stumbled across him while browsing on and just had to share him with everyone.

Breakfast Cookies

I promised RTcoMom that I was going to post the recipe for my Breakfast Cookies. So here it is… a month later and it’s still not posted. In all honesty I was waiting to bake them again so I could post pictures with the recipe but with things as crazy around here it could be next April before that happens! As you will see, this is created by measure, not weight. It’s several years old and I did not have a scale at the time. Please read here if you have not already done so for a description on how I measure my flour. So without further ado, here it is. Breakfast Cookies. (Sorry RTcoMom!)

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